Rugby League Athleticism

Muscle Group:

Speed, Strength, Agility, Flexibility


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Weights, Cones, Field, iOn Sports Video Technology

We will provide professional physical testing that will electronically test your speed, agility, flexibility and power and provide instruction on how to enhance your natural abilities.


Speed is one of the most critical physical attributes in the game. You are born with a genetic make up to run fast. With specialised  DNA coaching you will gain exposure to  latest  technology and techniques to assist you to run faster and be more competitive.
Strength is also a critical component for high performance in the sport. You need to be strong for your size and not necessarily benchmarked against other athletes of varies sizes and ages. DNA’s industry professional’s have designed body weight programs that will suit all ages.
Agility is about moving around the field in different directions at a quick speed. DNA have drills and small sided games to improve you agility.
Flexibility is the last and one of the most important physical attributes. DNA will install good habits early which will assist as you progress in the sport.


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