Rugby League Communication

Muscle Group:

Direction, Leadership, Motivation


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Communication is a critically important skill to have in the sport. DNA will coach you as to why communication is a “must have” skill to progress in the sport.

DNA will endeavour to encourage all participants to communicate with those around them and have  the confidence to ask questions of their coaches.

DNA will provide a non confrontation environment where all players will be encouraged to ask question to ensure take home content.

Particular attention will be paid to ensure halves, hookers and fullbacks excel in communicating as this is a critical skill for these positions.


Learn how and when to communicate with your team in both attacking and defensive situations to direct players into position and prepare for each play.
As a leader on the field you must maintain calm and clear communication both with your players and the officials.
How do you get your team to give that little extra, how can you motivate the players around you to do more for their team mates on the field on the game is on the line.

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