Foundation Skills


Foundation Skills
Foundation Skills

Rugby League Foundation Skills

Muscle Group:

Catch, Carry, Pass, Tackle


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Catch, Carry, Pass and Tackle are the core skills required for the sport. These skills must be able to be produced on demand with quality for high performance.

We will break down the foundation skills with an eye for detail that will allow you to start with the most technical sound skill base in the game.

We will show you on the run footage that will give you direct visual feedback of where you can improve your technique and advance quicker than the next guy.


Your ability to master the art of catching the football in different situations particularly under pressure is critical for high performance.
Your grip and carry of ball will offer you the ability to install doubt in defenders. DNA will introduce drills and fun games to improve this skill.
Passing a football with control and accuracy is essential for high performance. DNA will introduce drills and fun games to improve this skill, Left and right handed passing techniques, dummy half passing and running passing, reinforced with drills and video assessment.
Learning to tackle safely, efficiently and confidently is the biggest challenge for young players. DNA will coach the technical aspects of tackling and provide the tools to give confidence. Continued concentrated practice is required to master this skill.


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