Game Awareness


Game Awareness
Game Awareness

Rugby League Game Awareness

Muscle Group:

Anticipation, Reading, Reacting


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Game awareness is an understanding of how a game will unfold. For a better understanding of the game DNA will teach players that in all situations there is an outcome.

DNA Coaching staff will introduce small sided games to break down game situations and advise the players on outcomes.

DNA’s small sided games will build the knowledge or game awareness and we will measure this against the consistency of the  decisions.

Game Awareness is a never ending learning curve. Practicing the process trains players for what might come next in a game. DNA will be continually introducing games and drill to improve the players game awareness.


Recognizing patterns in play and how players around you move and react to situations allows you to anticipate what is coming, where to position yourself and what the next play should be

Playing what is in front of you rather than going through the motions of a game plan is an essential skill and can often be the differnce between taking advantage or missing out on an opportunity to score.
Not all of a game is planned, instinctively knowing when and where to position yourself and your team comes from repetition and experience so that you react to a game situation in the right way.

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