Specialist Roles


Specialist Roles
Specialist Roles

Rigby League Specialist Roles

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Advanced Positional Skills


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Positional skills is a progression from our core skills. DNA Positional Skills will provide young players an opportunity to understand what detailed skills are required to play their position.

Over the course of 4 days you will receive expert coaching on how to play your own positional role, your knowledge and skill set need to be to a level that you are an asset to every team you play with. Understanding your role is one of the most important skills you can learn and with small sided games you will get to put this knowledge into practice.


Outside backs have a important role in the modern game. Catching high ball, yardage carries, drawing the man, finishing and defending are all important positional skills that they need to progress in the sport.
Halves and hookers need to be the best passers of the football in their team, their communication skill are critical and they need to have a polished short and long kicking game.
Edge back rowers also require unique skills with running lines, offloading, protecting the half in defence and being extremely fit are all important skills for this position.
Middle forwards have the most psychical task in the game. They need knowledge and skill to manage contact, when carrying the ball and also need to be technically strong in defence. Short passing is a skill that is also needed in the modern game. DNA will introduce drills and games to improve these skills.


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