Rugby League Vision

Muscle Group:

Strategy & Decision Making



Vision is probably one of the hardest skill sets to acquire. It takes time, knowledge and understanding to make the right decision at the right time to achieve a consistent result.

Counting numbers, playing square, and engaging defenders are all high end skills that DNA will coach through our unique small sided games program.

Kicking  has a huge influence on the game. The ability to find the right kick at the right time takes a lot of vision. DNA will introduce small sided games and drills to improve the effectiveness of this critical skill.

Defending kicks takes vision and anticipation.  For all backs this is a  critical part of their job description.


Knowing what plays apply to what game situation, what kicks are effective in certain times of the game, when to defend a lead and when to keep the pressure on will help you win more games when the pressure is on.

Summing up the opposition and taking decisive action is critical during a game, learn how to stay calm and rely on your training to make the right call for your team.


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